Helping your child prepare for the 11 plus test

Although most primary schools and grammar schools state that children should not need any extra preparation in order to be able to pass the 11 plus, most parents who wish their children to attend grammar schools will start preparing them up to two years in advance. There are numerous paper-based and interactive practice materials like this website and it can be confusing trying to find out what materials to use for your child. For example, Torbay grammar schools started using CEM tests in 2015 which meant that many materials available in local shops were no longer relevant. At Roots 2 Success we pride ourselves on producing information and practice materials which are as relevant as possible to your child. If you are in any doubt about which materials to use for your child please do not hesitate to contact us.

The CEM does not produce any practice materials. However, it does produce familiarisation booklets available through schools (for example Torquay Boys' Grammar School) and local authorities (for example Bexley Council). Although the CEM states that it alters the test each year it is unlikely that the test will vary significantly from one year to the next so some of the educational publishers have produced CEM-style practice materials. Roots 2 Success CEM style online tests available on this website are ideal preparation for the CEM test.

In addition to using practice materials, parents should seriously consider engaging a tutor for their child (much less stressful than trying to do it yourself as I can testify!). You could also try:

> asking your child's teacher for extra work in English and maths;

> encouraging reading by regular trips to your local library;

> encouraging your child to watch educational TV programmes;

> encouraging your child to use educational websites;

> helping your child to learn their times tables;


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