More about our 11 plus online practice tests

Our online eleven plus practice tests

Our tests have been developed over eight years of tutoring children for the 11 plus. Much of the content is also ideally suited to children in Years 5 and 6 of primary school for general practice as well as to prepare for SATS tests. The maths and English content of the online tests is directly relevant to the Year 4 to Year 6 curriculum and also suitable in preparation for the GL Assessment and CEM (University of Durham Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring) 11 plus exams.

The verbal reasoning folder is divided into three subfolders: Verbal Reasoning (All Regions), Verbal Reasoning (CEM style) and Verbal Reasoning (non-CEM Style) so ensure that you and your child can tailor their 11 plus practice to the particular format of the exam they will be taking (please contact us for more information on this).

The 11 plus online practice tests were developed in consultation with the experts in the field: children who had taken the 11 plus or were currently preparing for it. One of the brilliant suggestions they made was organising the online tests into folders and sub-folders so that it is easy to find a test on a particular topic. For example, if your child wants to practice adding fractions they simply need to go to click on Maths papers then the fractions folder and then choose one of the adding fractions tests.

These tests are designed to be used in the following ways:

*To top up work done with a tutor, particularly on occasions when the tutor or child might be away (our online 11 plus tests are ideal for use on holiday as long as there is an Internet connection - which I know from personal experience is regarded as essential by most children and young people!)

*To provide extra 11 plus practice for children who are being tutored by their parents (known as DIY 11 plus tutoring)

*For use by tutors to set homework for their tutees. Credits can be bought cheaply in bulk and the children love using them for 11 plus practice. As a tutor I find it extremely useful as it saves a lot of marking time.

We are so confident that you will find our online 11 plus tests useful that we have given your child the opportunity to try up to NINE tests for FREE. Just set up a Roots 2 Success account (if you are not sure how to do this just watch our video - how to open a Roots 2 Success account) which gives you 3 free online test credits; your child can also take the six 11 plus practice tests in the FREE TESTS folder. Anyone can take the free tests without setting up an account, but they will only be able to see their results if they are logged into their account. When you create an account you will be given the option to sign up to our newsletter - please tick the box, you will not be bombarded by emails and you will be able to receive discount codes to save money on purchase of online credits.

Finally (and if you've got this far, well done!) please get in touch via our contact page, via phone or via social media if you have any queries; we aim to answer all enquiries the same day.

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