How I've gone full circle in producing interactive resources

ZX Spectrum

My ZX Spectrum, purchased in 1983

Does anyone reading this remember the BBC Computer? It started to appear in schools back in the eighties when my mum was a primary school teacher. At the time I had a Sinclair ZX Spectrum (remember them?) and spent a lot of time writing programs for it in BASIC. This is how I came to write what I think is the first educational software used in the primary school where my mum taught a Year 3 class. It was a maths program with simple sums; if the children answered them correctly they were serenaded with a little tune. The kids loved it, it was cutting edge technology. Now, around 30 years later, after a 'chance' meeting with one of the Directors of Cloudberry Digital, I am launching a new educational product which I hope that, once again, kids will enjoy using and, as a result, will significantly improve their knowledge of English, Maths and Verbal Reasoning.

I have been developing eleven plus resources since I started tutoring my daughter in 2009 and then other children as my business started properly in 2011. I have always encouraged feedback from my tutees and their parents and this has meant a continuous improvement in the resources I have been able to provide. I am particularly grateful to the parents of my Totnes tutees and my favourite Dartington family who have encouraged and supported me to get this website up and running and to my own family for putting up with me being glued to the computer for hours most evenings after I have come home from tutoring and who have given me considerable help and advice. Paul and Howard from Cloudberry Digital have really embraced the project and have added much more than technological expertise, they have really put a lot of effort into ensuring that the website is a project that we all feel really proud of and which we believe will be a tremendous asset to children preparing for the eleven plus. I hope you find this website useful, please feel free to provide feedback about how the site can be improved.