Super Saturday

Olympics and the 11 plus

We've just had "Super Saturday" followed closely by "Sensational Sunday" with Great Britain winning a total of 8 gold, 7 silver and one bronze medals over the weekend, not to mention the athlete who makes everyone want to be Jamaican, Usain Bolt, winning his third successive Olympic 100m medal. In about a month's time it will be Super Saturday for several thousand 10-11 year olds who will be taking their 11 plus exams. Youngsters in Torbay will have two Super Saturdays as their exam is spread over two weeks, whilst many children taking the 11 plus in London will have to take another test later in the year if they are successful in the first one.

The Olympic athletes trained hard for their events and I am sure that your child has trained hard for their 11 plus. However, they will have tapered off their training in the last few days before the competition to ensure that they were as fresh as possible for the final. You will have noticed the top athletes like Usain Bolt cruising through their heats and doing just enough to qualify rather than going all out. The athletes will also have tried to get a good night's sleep before their events (not always easy in the Olympic Village).

Make sure your child tails off their 11 plus work in the last week before the exam and relaxes as much as possible beforehand. Ensure you keep calm yourself as this will help your child to relax; they should go into the exam knowing they have worked hard and feeling confident that they will do their best.