What your child can expect from our mock exams

You and your child will be met at the door by our friendly staff who will be wearing name badges, if he/she does not know any other child attending the mocks they will be introduced to someone else so they will not feel that they are on their own. Your child will be shown to their seat and the exam procedure will be explained to them. The exam will start promptly at 10:00 am. As this may be your child's first experience of sitting a formal exam, your child will be monitored to ensure that they are answering the questions in the right way. There will be two papers: maths and  English with a short break inbetween. Children are encouraged to do rough work in their question booklets; the answer papers are used only for answers and nothing else should be written on them. The answers are multiple choice and we will ensure that your child knows how to complete them. The layout of the questions and answers is as close as possible to the actual exam. Each paper lasts approximately 50 minutes and their will be a break of about 15 minutes during which your child will be able to consume the snack and drink they have brought with them and they will have the chance to use the loo! If your child needs help at any time they should raise their hand.

If your child is not tutored by us please contact us to book an online feedback session where we will go through the paper on Zoom with you and your child and provide suggestions on further work they can do to improve their performance in the future.

Please do not hesitate to ask us if you have any queries about your child's performance in the mock exams.

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