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CEM 11+ Tests

"CEM" stands for Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring and is a research group which is associated with the University of Durham School of Education. They have ....


Non-verbal reasoning

Non-verbal reasoning (NVR), as the name suggests is a way of testing reasoning skills without using words. This should ensure that ...


Helping your child prepare for the 11 plus test

Although most primary schools and grammar schools state that children should not need any extra preparation in order to be able to pass the 11 plus ...



What is the 11 plus

What is the 11 plus?

The following questions are answered on this page:

(1) What is the 11 plus?

(2) Why is it called the "11 plus?"

(3) Is the eleven plus the same all over the Country?

(4) Will my child automatically take the 11 plus if I live in an area with grammar schools?

(5) How do I apply for my child to take the 11 plus?

(6) When is the 11 plus taken?

(7) When will I get the results of the 11 plus?

(8) What is the pass mark for the 11 plus?

(9) Does my child need a tutor to pass the eleven plus?


Tutoring in Torbay

11 plus tutoring is available in the Torbay (Paignton and Torquay) and Totnes areas..........